John P Morgan’s Real-Life Coaching

You get shit done.
You are high-performing.
Other people say you are successful.
And at the same time, you know more is possible.

You are called to transcend your comfortable life…
To an Adventure in Passion, Purpose & Prosperity.

How I Will Coach You

Where the Magic Happens

I am not a ‘life coach’. I don’t have a coaching ‘certificate’ and I do not follow the rules. Instead, I learned how to coach by living an extraordinary life and by being coached by some of the greatest coaches on earth.

As my client, you are more than a friend to me.
My job is to serve you, not please you.

I will tell you the truth. There is power in honesty. And I am very honest. I will say things to you that your closest friends are too scared to say. This will make you uncomfortable, but you are bored with comfort. You want to grow.

Climbing a mountain is a great way to bring the exploration of your deepest potential and purpose to life.

I will not let you disempower yourself with bullshit stories. I will guide you to new perspectives that allow you to see your world differently, giving you new choices. With new choices, you will be empowered to transform who you arecreate a life of purpose, passion and prosperity and have greater impact in the world.

My coaching consists of deep and powerful conversations, a strong support relationship and training in the skill of self-coaching. Depending on the program, it may also include team support with other high-performing clients, real-life adventures and tests of your courage and spirit.

I also have an Apprenticeship Group for coaches who want to create clients and build a thriving coaching business without ‘marketing’ or ‘selling’.

What does it cost?

My clients are resourceful, know the power of commitment and understand the importance of ROI.

Minimal investments for my various coaching programs range from USD $2,500-$25,000 (GBP £1,500-£15,000). Some of my clients could easily afford their coaching investment, while others wanted it enough that they found a way…

  • One client used what he learned in our first conversation to create the money for his coaching program
  • Another client cashed in some of her investments to afford my fee (and made it back within a couple of months)
  • And yet another client used savings because he knew (from experience) that the journey would be worthwhile

Know this – your investment will be substantial and your results will be exponential.

How do I get coaching from you?


You will not receive a coaching offer from me until we have both experienced the impact of my coaching on you. Before I offer you coaching, I first need to know you are willing to get uncomfortable and I need to see you in action creating results.

My clients are my team. Much like in sports, my recruitment process is a kind of ‘try-out’. Like an athletic coach, I ruthlessly filter for clients with whom we will win.

Recruitment may include questions, email dialogue, exercises, real-world-challenges and powerful conversation(s) with me before you ever receive a coaching offer.

At any point, I may decide to end the recruitment process. However, every step is an opportunity for you to grow. If coaching is something you are seriously interested in exploring, then I highly encourage you to take full advantage of this.

To begin recruitment, please contact me using the form below.

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